Amanda + Tyler | Bloomington, Indiana Wedding

This was our first wedding at the awesome new Bloomington venue Sycamore Farm! Wait ’til you see these photos! It is an absolutely stunning farm and the owners have really done an amazing job setting up tons of picture perfect spots.

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves!;)I first met up with Amanda at the salon. Take a look at those curls!

While the girls got pampered, the gentlemen were busy setting up!

Dear Horses, Thank you for helping make this first look even more wonderful!:)Seriously though, how awesome is this?

After seeing each other for the first time, we traveled all around the farm for some breathtaking portraits.

Gotta love the way she is looking at her groom-to-be!

I am officialy a sucker for cowboy boots!!!

Showing off their lovely details AND their marvelous rings…

The perfect backdrop for this elegant cake topper.

They danced their first dance under some incredible mason jar chandeliers.

And the sun was just kissing the horizon…

Time to dance!

And the DJ kept it jumping ALL NIGHT LONG!

Here’s to many happy years together for this bride and groom. What a great day for everyone involved!!

Chelsey + Seth | Indianapolis, Indiana Engagement

If you are looking for a location with tons of unique outside photo spots, look no further than the Indianapolis Art Center!

I had never been, but I was drooling over pictures online when Chelsey and Seth said they were interested in going there for their engagement session. Jackpot!!:D

We took that above right photo down by the river when I noticed this BEAUTIFUL bridge above us. We had to get up there of course! (I learned later that this is part of the lovely Monon Trail!)

We had some seriously gorgeous light as the sun made it’s way down.


We hid behind this cool art piece when the sun got a bit too intense.

This. More people should take pictures here. How cool is the Twisted House by artist John McNaughton!!! ARTSPARK is a dawn-to-dusk studio space. No gates, no fences, no general admission charge. You need to check it out!

Time for a quick wardrobe charge. Seth took a moment to serenade Chelsey…

So. Sweet.:)Love. This. Too. Much.

We had such a blast. Can’t wait to shoot this fabulous couple’s wedding!!

Melissa + Gabe | Bloomington, Indiana Wedding

I know what you’re thinking. Another fabulous wedding on the blog? Right!?! We had an amazing year filled with amazing weddings!!

I am required to start off with this picture. Why? Because Melissa has the best smile I have ever seen!

The beauty of light…

I love the bottom right shot. Holding her veil and getting that hair sprayed down!

She bought matching robes for all her ladies. How sweet is that?

Dear Melissa, you are gorgeous!!!

Seeing his bride for the first time and circling her as part of their Jewish ceremony.

This was our first traditional Jewish wedding and it was incredible.

Such a colorful Chuppah!

Remember what I said about her smile?:D

Melissa & Gabe used an antique firetruck as their getaway “car”!

The breathtaking bling…

My favorite cake shot EVER!

So. Much. Joy.

The dance floor was absolutely rocking the entire night.

Final song!

I feel like we are the luckiest photographers because we get to work with the best couples around!

Samantha + Dan | Bloomington, Indiana Wedding

We shoot a lot of weddings at the IU Memorial Union, but I have to say, each and every one is special in it’s own way. And Samantha and Dan’s wedding was no exception. Perfect down to the very last detail!

I just adore a salon with tons of natural light…

One of my favorite getting ready shots to date. And isn’t Samantha stunning?!?

Samantha started crying when she saw her makeup complete. It was a beautiful moment. I think it was suddenly real for her!:)

They used only one type of flower for the entire wedding. What a lovely and unique idea!

Shooting some details in their awesome hotel suite…

Ladies and gentlemen.

Their ceremony was so heartfelt and emotional!

My favorite part? The way Samantha looked at Dan.


Perfect day, perfect couple.

When we parked at the Union, I pointed this truck out to Alex and said how I awesome I thought it was. So glad it was part of the wedding!!

I love when the topper looks like the bride and groom!

Quick reflexes, Dan! Haha!

First dances…

So. Much. Awesome.

THIS! Love this photo!

What a party!

Samantha with all her boys, lol!

Simply a great day with an amazing group of people!

Cassie + Chris | Bloomington, Indiana Wedding

Get ready for fun! I smiled so much during this wedding my face honestly hurt!

Meet Cassie! Her ladies bought her this shirt at Target so she could cut it off and not ruin her hair.:)

Cassie calling Chris. And Chris showing off his wedding shoes, lol.

I couldn’t get enough of this little cutie on the right.

Checking the progress…

Back in the hotel room getting her nails done. You can tell how awesome this bride is, right?!

Almost time…

The weather was a bit iffy, so we decided to do their first look in a hotel room. A first for us and I think it turned out great!

Some of my very favorite “formal” photos!;)

Seriously, I can’t say it enough. Such a fun group!!!!!

That photo on the left? Cassie saw another bride coming and wanted to have a stare down, HAHA!

A couple serious shots before getting crazy again.


Time for a quick rest before the reception.

Such a beautiful cake topper… (rings not normally included.)

I took advantage of some perfect wrapping paper I found on the gift table.

They even had a choreographed Thriller routine!!

Cassie and Chris, thank you so much for letting us share in your joy!

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