As a Theatre Major I am ALWAYS excited when a couple contacts me and says they are getting married in a theatre (or theater)! And anyone who lives near Bloomington knows how awesome the Buskirk Chumley Theater is! So to shoot another ceremony there was a dream. Also, Laura & Troy picked the IU Auditorium as their reception venue!! Weeeee!

Alex got to start his day off hanging with these fun guys… and of course this INCREDIBLE dog/ring bearer.

This cute lady wasn’t too sure about a little blush but she finally gave in.

A fabulous photobomb on the right!

Laura getting her airbrush makeup done and looking absolutely stunning.

I might have been a tad obsessed with how awesome her eyes looked! Yowza!

Lacing up the dress…

A very handsome groom and a seriously gorgeous bride!!!!

Do you see his little suit?!??! I almost died from the cute.

Cool dudes…

And rockin’ ladies!:D

Alex took this photo and apparently the cops showed up right after and offered to frisk all the guys. Nice!

Two kinds of sparkly shoes!!

Troy’s face as he sees his bride for the first time.

Getting settled in for a great ceremony.

How cool is this venue?!!?

My favorite moment. Selfie time!

It can sometimes be tricky to take photos in some theatres, but the lighting in this one is just spectacular.

Getaway car!

Favorite! Such a fun group and a perfect backdrop!

A few post ceremony shots.;)

Excited to get to the reception!

The details! Wow wow wow!

Just some of the amazing bling.

Cutting the main cake was followed by a surprise groom’s cake for Troy!

Always smiling!

Troy serenading friends and family! Such a great moment! And I LOVE wedding bands!

And the party rocked on long into the night!:)

I couldn’t be more excited to share this wedding with you guys!! Melody is a friend from high school and one of Ashley Athey Photography’s BIGGEST supporters! Seriously, I think like 100 of her friends were fans of our FaceBook page years before she even got engaged. I was over the moon when we started chatting about Alex, Parker and myself making the trek back home to photograph her and Jamie’s big day!

I should also tell you that these photos (and wedding) are a little offbeat. Which is AWESOME, because that is exactly who we are!

#thoseshoes !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Also, I put their rings on some moss, because Melody loves her some moss!)

Melody might have taken a tiny tumble on her way to the first look. But when I showed her the photo on the back of my camera, she absolutely loved it. That is just one of the many reasons why she is awesome.

Could they be any cuter?!? And they both have the BEST hair!

We took some “formals”, but mostly we just had fun together!

Their first look was at the reception location, and then we all headed over to the ceremony together. JUST WAIT UNTIL YOU SEE IT!!! (Sorry for yelling.)

The “aisle”.

They got married in a cave!!!! A public cave, so no reservations or anything, they just walked up and had family gather around.

The picture of happiness!

Do you even see this cave? There was a waterfall! It was the best!:D

And now the fun REALLY begins…..

This is the picture of the day. 100% Melody and Jamie.

I can’t even describe how fun this wedding was!

My favorite. Hands. Down.

Attack bride! And jamming with a band.

In case you were doubting that Melody is in fact the most laid-back bride ever…

Matching bridal umbrella for just a little rain. It’s good luck, right?

Future beer model?

Their “reception” was more of a hang out, eat, drink and be merry event. But they did have a first dance!

I know I say it a lot, but I truly love my job. This wedding didn’t even feel like work for one second. THANK YOU guys! From the bottom of my heart.

I can’t even do a clever intro for this wedding, because I just want to get you to these gorgeous photos right away!!!

This is Kyla. She is stunning! And she is standing outside in the winter with snow all around her… in her wedding dress!! Awesome!

You know we LOVE doing first looks, but when we don’t do one, my favorite part of the day is definitely the groom’s face when he sees his bride walking down the aisle toward him.

The church was decked out for the Christmas season…

I love how much they looked at each other during the wedding.

They only had two other people in their wedding party and it couldn’t have been more perfect.

I adore when a family includes the children in the wedding ceremony.

Trent’s adorable daughter was obviously a huge part of their big day. And, as you can see, she is such a cutie!!:D

We didn’t have a ton of time for the formals, but their church was the perfect backdrop.

Oh! I forgot to mention this wedding had a White Christmas theme. I was in heaven!

I think Trent was ready to cut that cake!;)

Dancing while the movie plays behind them. How cool is that?!

They had (literally) a picture perfect first dance. And then Trent danced with his daughter! Eeeeep!

Kyla and her sister danced to “Sisters” of course!!

What a great day for an absolutely great family!

Hi, friends!!! If I have learned anything in my new role as mommy, I have discovered that babies (and now toddlers, EEK!) take up a ton of time, lol. Who knew?;)I want to formally apologize for getting so behind with blogging yet again. But I am back to it now and I’s not leaving this computer until I am caught up! Here we go!:D

When I was preparing the blog for this gorgeous wedding, I was reminded how much I love fall! The weather is perfect. The leaves are lovely. And the weddings are a ton of fun! And this one was no different. Say hello to the absolutely stunning bride Amanda…

We met up with the ladies as they got their hair and makeup done.

Oh, yes! I forgot to mention the very best thing about fall. The LOVELY light! Highlighting this perfect bouquet of course.

Just a couple more of this wedding’s to-die-for details…

Right before she put on the dress. Beautiful.

Happening at the same time in two different cabins.

This is Chris. And this is Chris seeing his bride for the first time.

A seriously great location for a ceremony!!

The leaves were just starting to change and it was fabulous!

I was so excited for this handsome guy to join us for some photos.

Action tail swish.

They were all pretty good at posing.

But I think Amanda was the best!

Chris made this. Well, not the ring, but he probably could have! So cool!

This photo is a family wedding tradition!

Barn party!!!

Chris had such awesome expressions. It was a joy photographing this wedding!

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