My goal as a photographer is to capture timeless photographs you can cherish forever. Whether it’s engagement, wedding, maternity, newborn or family photos, I want to tell your story and create memories for future generations to enjoy. It’s difficult to put one’s style into words, but I find myself taking a mix of clean modern portraits and fun photojournalistic lifestyle images.

My grandfather was a photographer and you can bet he put a camera in my hands as soon I could hold it up. To say photography is my lifelong passion would be a huge understatement. I live and breathe photography. The fact that I was able to make that passion my job makes me feel like the luckiest person alive. And just so you know, my son got his first camera before he turned 2, so this family photo obsession is continuing to grow.

When I am not out on a session, I am at home editing or playing with my rambunctious kidlets. I am a newly single mom, so things can get a little crazy at home, but my boys and my job make every day an adventure. I adore traveling and look forward to showing my children the world!

And because I want you to really get to know me (after all, we’ll be spending one of your biggest and best days together), I’ll share a few interesting tidbits about myself. I am a crazy redhead who is afraid of belly buttons. Doctor Who is my all time favorite show #whovian! I am totally a nerd / geek and I’m proud of it. My sons are my whole world. And I truly enjoy watching cartoons with them. In fact, I watch cartoons without them.

Bloomington Indiana (IN) wedding family photography Doctor Who TARDIS Whovian nerd geek fun

Sooooo, after reading all that, if you still want to be seen in public with me, I would certainly love to meet you! Coffee? Fun fact: I’m allergic to caffeine, but I love a good smoothie and the chance to make new friends so let’s chat soon. I can’t wait to work with you!